Tailored personal training from £90 per hour and individual goals (conditioning,weight and posture).

Building a healthy body – progressively motivate, train and challenge to & exceed your targets.

– one-on-one personal training
– fashion model body
– couple training
– remote training
– body transformation (6 and 12 week programs)

Advantages of personal training with Magda Swider :

  • attention and supervision to correct and improve exercise technique and alignment and maximise performance
  • individualised programming to meet your specific needs
  • opportunity to have your health and fitness assessed and the information interpreted to establish goals and targets that can be reviewed
  • provide honest and objective feedback on your progress
  • clear directions and accountability for goals
  • provide support, encouragement and motivation
  • challenge limiting beliefs and habits that distract from goal achievements

Classes: Boxing fit class for models

Elite athlete and certified personal trainer offering bespoke individual and group fitness and nutritional solutions to facilitate realization of your goals. Magda holds a BA (Hons) Coach Fitness and Wellness degree from University of Wroclaw (PL), Level 3 Personal Training and Nutrition qualification from Premier Training International (UK) and a Level 2 Diploma in Fitness instructing with Emergency First Aid.

Urban Warrior Academy
Arch 12 Miles Street,
London SW8 1RZ
Culture Gym & Kitchen
Twitter: @CGK_Culture
9 Osiers Road
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Get the required great ideal measurements 90-60-90 quickly and healthy!
Without starving or feeling those craves, we’ll train and guide you into feeling good whilst progressing
to that perfect shape you need and want! From castings to catwalks and shoots, you’ll have the best figure to stand out from the rest….

An example of a single day diet plan for models:

  • Breakfast:
    1st option – Oatmeal with Chia seeds, banana & fresh blueberries. 2nd option – Two poached egg with avocado, smoked salmon and one piece Wholegrain toast.
  • Lunch:
    Iceberg lettuce Salad with Cherry tomatoes, avocado, cucumber and chicken breast.
  • Dinner:
    King prawns cooked in coconut oil and lemon with sweet potato mash, avocado & pan cooked asparagus.
    Healthy snacks: Almonds or green smoothies.

Fitness is not about training or looking good, it is a way of life, balance and understanding,
a philosophy which touches mind, body and spirit. A journey of empowerment,
satisfaction and ultimate release, where you push to reach your goals,
unlocking your potential and future. It is time to make the dream reality!

An example of one day full body workout for models.

Circuit training session:

Work time 40 seconds, rest time 20 seconds = 1 min per exercise

  • Warm up –>15 minutes
    – Push-Up Jack Burpee
    – Spiderman Burpee
    – Mountain-Climber Burpee
    – Single-Leg Push-Up Burpee
    – Power Push-Up Burpee
  • Circuit –> 30 minutes
    – lateral raise lunge
    – squat with kick
    – walking plank
    – boxing sit ups with a dumbbells
    – skipping rope
    – kettle bell swing
    – bridges
    – jumping jacks
  • Stretching/ cool-down and relaxation –> 15 minutes
    – erector spinae -cat stretch
    – rectus abdominis-sphinx
    – lying gluteal stretch
    – side-lying quadriceps stretch
    – seater adductor



Urban Warrior Academy
Arch 12 Miles Street,
London SW8 1RZ

Magda Swider help you to achieve your goals:

– lose weight

– body shape

– clean body