If you wish to improve your self-esteem, the best thing is to develop an optimistic     attitude and stop worrying about your weight. I’m saying this from my personal experience


Having said that, I will tell you ways by which you can counter bloat and enhance your looks . But certainly not with hazardous weight loss supplement, or by starving by following a on a strict diet regime.


Instead by opting for an exercise regime that will help you to reduce     water weight.


What is this water weight?


Idealistically, you may think that after going through a rigorous workout regime regularly and following a well designed diet , I will lose those extra pound and get the body of my dreams. You are not wrong if you think this way, but unfortunately we do not leave in an idealistic world.


In our real world, weight loss can be quite different and difficult as well.You may lose a few pounds for several weeks and then see no change for weeks.


The answer is simple,the cellulite that you shed through dieting can be easily replaced by the extra water that your body is holding on to. This is called water weight.


You may wonder what is going on ? Don’t worry I will unveil the secret to attaining the perfect and healthy body, right here.


So, what is the secret , let’s find out


Most of us have heard about this thing called water weight, but don’t realise how harmful the effects can be on our body. So,why does your body hold onto excessive water? And how do I get rid of it?


Researchers believe that the secretion of hormone cortisol is behind this water retention theory. Cortisol is a hormone secreted by our body to reduce stress levels which happen due to excessive deficiency in calories intake.

Following a rigorous diet combined with strenuous exercise can boost cortisol levels, which in turn can increase water retention.


But the question still remains unanswered, how do I reduce weight without water retention? Don’t stress, I will answer your question, it is simple, remember the first secret to counter stress     is to stay happy . Do not follow any strict diet which involves starving for a long period of time. Instead , eat at regular intervals.


Eat more and lose weight ?


You may wonder what am I saying,how can I reduce weight by eating and not dieting? I’m sure you will love me for this. I am not asking you to eat heavy meals which involve large amounts of carbs.


What I mean by eat more and diet less is eat healthy food and avoid diet which comprises of heavy amount of sodium and less mount of potassium. It is crucial to perfectly mange your salt intake to prevent water retention.



Sensible Workout regime


Opt for an exercise training program that suits your body. Like for instance go for circuit training or interval training programs they are best bet to counter water retention. Avoid cardio workouts on a daily basis.


Sleeping Beauty ?


And last but not the least , indulge in more hours of sound sleep. I think a good amount of sleep is the best beauty and health secret. Remember , sleeping beauty? So, keep you phones and other distractions at bay and get enough sleep to enjoy a healthy and fit body, ASAP !