Is morning or evening the best time to workout ?

MORNING WORKOUTS —-> the best for weight loss

You don not  have a fuel from breakfast, so your body turns to the stored fat for energy. Than you burn more fat and this primes your body for an increased metabolism throughout the rest of the day.


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 While having a regular exercise routine always helps with better sleep, many sleep experts suggest a morning workout to really hit the hay hard. It is because exposure to daylight early on in the day will tell your body to power down at night.


EVENING WORKOUT—-> the best for muscle gain

Your muscles has been warmed up from the day and you will have a high storage of glycogen which means more energy to perform the exercise which will mean more weight on the bar pushing yourself that extramile will help you achieve your desired effort more quickly.

While morning is often touted as the best time to workout, you may feel more prepared to hit the gym later in the day based on your body’s cycles. By afternoon your body temperature is at its highest and your muscles are warmed up. The state of your body may make afternoon a more productive time for you to exercise.


The body recovers and repairs itself at night while you are sleeping. Therefor after an intensive evening weight lifting session, a healthy post-workout snack and shower, your body should be ready to wind down just in time for a night of rest and regrowth.



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People should exercise when it is convenient. Exercising at 4 o clock in the morning and therefore not sleeping or getting u at 5 and losing two hours of sleep in order to exercise is a bad idea, just as eating in the middle of the night is a bad idea.