My beauty products :)


1. Oriental natural Coconut Oil



Coconut Oil have been applied to hair to boost hair growth and give long lustrous hair from ages. I have read about its benefits in Ayurveda books some time back. The Oriental Natural Coconut Oil is a genuine coconut oil as it is made from coconut milk using the centrifugal process. This hair oil is made using the cold pressed method which retains its natural quality. That is why it is one hundred percent Natural. I just loved the way it enhanced my hair growth . I will definitely apply it on my hair eternally !


2. John Frieda Lightening Spray




Whatever color hair you may have with this hair lightening spray you can lighten blonde tones by up to two shades. Perfectly formulated with a combo of chamomile and citrus. One and only peroxide lightening formula eventually brightens blonde hues just post 3–5 applications. You get maximum radiant hair lightening within just 10 applications. Isn’t it awesome ?


I have personally been using this hair lightening spray from the time it has come out in the market… I guess its been ten years, almost. Prior to this product John Frieda had another one which I had been using when I was in my teens.


I had very very light blonde hair in my childhood gradually it changed its color to naturally dark blonde, almost to the present light brown color which I have.


Earlier, I used to get my hair highlighted from an expert salon almost every 3 months or something, merely because I was spraying this product on my roots to promote hair growth amidst my salon visits! From the past one year,I haven’t visited the salon and courtesy of this hair product.


I used to spray this product throughout my head on my roots only, in a month or two. However, after reading lot of reviews that have had their hair ruined after using it, I have come up with an exclusive tip.It is simple just allow the product to dry naturally on your hair and then rinse your hair the next day.Applying this product and letting it to stay on your hair for days seems like a nightmare to me !


This product has worked wonders for me and also reduced my salon visits! A Big Thank you!



3. Argan Oil for Hair




It is extracted from the fruit of Argan tree. The benefit of Argan Oil treatment have been known since a long time.As Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant, the oil treatment is highly beneficial for the hair. The Argan oil is made with a unique formula to rejuvenate and nourish dry and damaged hair. This perfect formula will assist in giving frizz protection and brightening to all types of hair while curtailing on the drying time to almost 50%.




4. Estee Lauder Foundation



We all want to look flawless and natural, that is the reason why we opt for a long -wear make up.So it is an added advantage when your favorite long-wear makeup you, has now proven to last longer than before.That is why I recently shifted my foundation to Estee Lauder Foundation

and I simply adore it. When I tried it, for the first time, I actually forgot to take off my foundation, prior to going to bed and the subsequent morning the foundation was still on.I was totally surprised !


Moreover, it also feels comfy and the lightweight formula does wonders to your skin and looks.

It does not smudge , comes off while changing your clothes and retains its color as well !


It also surpasses heat and humidity. I have been using it for years, now. I am completely in love with the coverage and and its long lasting formula. Even after a 12 hour shift my foundation still looks fabulous! It is does not look cakey.Moreover, It covers all those areas which need more coverage.


I have fallen in Love with this foundation. I’ve tried many so called “total coverage” foundations but they have all let me down.However, this one is different and fabulous! It actually stays on all day long without a touch up.I am going to use this foundation forever




5. Aloe Vera Face & Body Scrub




A unique formula combining various Thai herbs together acts perfectly to eradicate all impurities and rejuvenate your skin. This scrub created from aloe vera and thai herb facilitates to eliminate dead cells and give a smooth skin with a natural radiance.The body scrub enriched with zingiber,essential oil aloe vera,replenishes your skin leaving it glowing and rejuvenated This natural Body scrub surely leaves your skin looking silky smooth, fresh,radiant and impeccable due to its unique formula enriched with natural oils. Not only will it add more moisture to your skin but will also heal it naturally.